Divorce Planning: What You Can Do to Prepare for a Divorce

The good news is, divorce rates aren't as high as they used to be. The bad news is, divorce is still happening. Divorce is never an easy thing, whether both parties are peacefully agreeing to it or not. One of the most complicated parts about divorce is that it can not only affect the two spouses, but it also has an effect on children and other close members of the family. When you are in a marriage but Read More

How to Create a Successful Parenting Plan with Your Ex

Divorce is tough for anyone, but it is especially tough on children. While it may seem daunting to develop a plan for co-parenting with your ex, it is an important step to take for the well-being of your child. Whether the relationship had a tough or friendly ending, it's important to develop a successful parenting plan so that your child does not have additional issues on top of the divorce. Here are a Read More

Why Is Adoption so Expensive?

Over 135,000 children are adopted in America every year. Couples decide to adopt for many different reasons. They may not be able to have children on their own, or they want to help a child in need. Whatever the reason, prospective parents need to know the cost of adoption. You may research the process and ask yourself: "why is adoption so expensive?" There are several factors that make adoption a pricey Read More

Custody Battle Tips That’ll Help You Get Through a Hard Fight

Although couples marry with the idea that it's going to last forever, this isn't always the case. In the United States, about 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Unfortunately, some of these broken marriages have to deal with custody battles. If you're dealing with a custody battle, it's easy to make mistakes that could jeopardize your visitation rights. We've put together a list of custody battle Read More

Telling Kids About Divorce: An Age-By-Age Guide

If you've been following celebrity news, Justin Theroux talked about his divorce from Jennifer Aniston. He described it as "kind of the most gentle separation." It's not something new, of course. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow's "conscious uncoupling" back in 2014? This is proof that an amicable breakup isn't that shocking in Hollywood. And even for non-celebrity couples, divorces don't have to be contentious. As Read More

The 5 Adoption Requirements Agencies Look for in Couples

You've dreamt of finally holding your baby boy in your arms for the first time following a strenuous process of fighting to bring him here. In this way, you're like many mothers-to-be who are eager to see their children. But unlike many of these mothers, your strenuous process isn't hours of labor or a Cesarean section. It's the process of adoption. Research shows that more than 57,000 children were adopted Read More

How to Become the Custodial Parent of Your Child

If you're going through the process of divorce, child custody is a topic that's sure to come up in proceedings. Sometimes shared custody is not what's best for a child. This is where the concept of a custodial parent comes in. Custodial parenting involves having custody of a child the majority of the time. Knowing how to become the primary guardian requires research and knowledge about state laws. With that Read More

What Is the Standard Visitation in a Custody Court Order?

Separation can be painful for all involved, but as a parent, you'll naturally want to put the interests of your children above anything else. The process of deciding the custody arrangements between two parents can be long, complicated and dependant on a huge variety of factors. These arrangements are often decided by a custody court order. In these, a judge will prescribe child visitation agreements in a legal Read More

Domestic Adoption vs. Foreign Adoption, Compare The Challenges

The idea of adoption and the reality often surprises and confuses people.   First, there are two different basic types of adoption, domestic adoption, and foreign adoption.   For these types of adoption, there are different rules based upon state, and even country of origin as well as the good ole' USA.   In this article, we compare the challenges to both domestic and foreign adoption and discuss the pros and cons of Read More

Avoiding Roadblocks in the Path to Adoption

  The path to adoption can be long and filled with anticipation. Each adoption situation is different so we wanted to cover some of the more common roadblocks you might (or may already) face.    Legal Issues It doesn’t matter if you're working your way through a domestic adoption or a foreign adoption, there will always be some sort of legal hoops you will have to jump through.  For domestic adoptions, there is the Read More