David Bowie, Inglorious Basterds, and My Practice

A little while back there were a series of movies that explored unintended consequences. Films like Crash, Magnolia, Traffic, Babylon, all somewhat based on the theme that a series of random events come together over time to seamlessly intersect and effect, profoundly, the protagonists' lives. These films were critically acclaimed for the most part and certainly did well at the box office. Probably because everyone Read More

A Little More About HBO’s Divorce

You might remember that just before Thanksgiving we published a blog piece about HBO’s new show Divorce. We wrote that they really seemed to be getting a lot right – from the emotions, to counseling, to, well, the mechanics of the whole process. That was after three episodes. Now we’re deeper into the series and the roof has caved in on the show. After last Sunday, it’s threatening to do for divorce what Kramer Read More

HBO’s Divorce

There may be a spoiler or two below if you’re concerned at all with the narrative arc of HBO’s new show, Divorce. I’m in it more for the feel, the emotions, and the occasional right-on little detail that I see almost everyday in my practice. I started watching HBO’s Divorce a week or so ago and am three shows in now. Briefly, it’s the story of a successful business woman, Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Read More

About Lucy Langhanke and the Custody Fight of the Century

Lucy Langhanke – you’d have to be into movies in a pretty unhealthily obsessive way to know that that’s the real name of the great ’30’s- ’40’s actress Mary Astor. Mary Astor is best remembered for a handful of things – playing Brigid O’Shaughnessy in The Maltese Falcon, winning an Academy award for The Great Lie, and being involved in one of the most scandalous child custody fights in Hollywood history (I’ll note Read More

What I Do, Part 29

Ever have a conversation like this: Of course you have. We all have. When it’s a private conversation or a couple of minutes of a fake documentary for a fake heavy metal band it can be amusing or a bit frustrating, not much more. Incomprehensible logic is funny when it’s Christopher Guest and Rob Reiner and it’s for entertainment, not so much everywhere else. Where this particular thinking gets a whole lot Read More

Lessons in Divorce (No. 36)

A client finalized her divorce this week. Seemingly seconds after everything was signed, sealed, and delivered her now ex-husband demanded she ‘get in touch’ with me and get ‘some changes made.’ Out of habit, and in sheer disregard at what had just occurred, she almost did it until, with a little prompting from me, she realized she was under no compunction whatever to do … well, anything she didn’t feel like Read More

Valdez is Coming and Indigo Law

Many of you may have already seen that we're re-branding the practice as Indigo Family Law. Nothing else is changing, we will still be focusing on family law (lucky that, otherwise ...) with the occasional criminal matter - although we encourage our clients, former clients, friends and family to come to us first with any legal matter. I, certainly, am not changing, Which is why I'm re-posting this today. Just to Read More