Family Law FAQs

1. What is the process to retain an attorney?

At Indigo Family Law we are different from most law firms. For individuals looking to retain an attorney we schedule a no cost initial meeting with one of our paralegals. The paralegal would not be able to give out legal advice or answer any legal questions. The paralegal would, however, be able to give a general explanation of the court process and what the court would require with cases with a similar set of circumstances that the prospective client is going through. The paralegal would also let the prospective client know how much it would cost to retain us based on the issues discussed. Should they wish to proceed with hiring our firm the next step would be to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. Once we are retained, we will begin working on your case immediately.


2. If my spouse should call the office would you disclose that you have also called?

No. We would be prohibited from disclosing that you have called the office.


3. Can I retain a specific attorney?

When you retain Indigo Family Law you retain the entire office. Should you call the office with a question and you need answers there will be someone here that can assist you.


4. How long does it take to finalize a divorce once filed?

The length of time that it takes to finalize a divorce varies based on whether the case is contested or if there is an agreement. Once retained we would begin working on your case immediately and begin the process to get your final hearing scheduled as quickly as possible.


5. We have an agreement. Can you represent both of us?

We could only represent one person and could not represent both parties.