Nikki Gerald

Senior Paralegal

Nikki Gerald knew what bouncing around felt like.

Different states, waiting for the next out-of-her-control move, all of it while she looked for home. She’s found it in the Myrtle Beach area.

“All of my family is here now. It’s just where I want to be,” said Gerald a Senior Paralegal with Indigo Family Law. “It’s a relief. Military, you didn’t know if you were going to be up and gone and leaving your friends behind moving to other states. Those were tough transitions.”

Gerald’s reliance upon the Army lifestyle ended in the 1990s. By that point, it had already taken her from Milwaukee to Biloxi, Miss., to Austin, Texas and then over to Sumter and, indirectly, Columbia in the Midlands. In 2000, she moved to the Grand Strand, and the roots that had been dug up from Wisconsin soil more than two decades prior were soon firmly planted in new ground.

But how did all of that lead to Indigo?

That’s a pretty funny story.

Gerald had previously worked for another attorney in town for eight years, but after a line of events took her to another a firm and then thinking about other opportunities, one presented itself in the quick-fire change of pace her old life once did time and again.

She was at the courthouse in 2019 when she and Indigo Founder and Partner Brana Williams spotted each other. The two old friends didn’t need much initial conversation. Just instructions to hop in the car.

They made their way back to the Indigo office and talked out the future. The next day, Gerald joined the firm.

“I’ve known Brana for a very long time,” Gerald said. “She’s been a pretty good friend of mine, professionally and personally. I’ve gone to her for advice over the years. She wanted me, and I really wanted to be with her.”

It wasn’t just Williams. At Indigo, Gerald found several long-time friends, from the fellow paralegals she used to attend a regular happy hour with to the attorneys she come to know in past litigations and over the course of nearly 20 trials.

It was the icing on the Myrtle Beach cake that already included her affinity for the beach and warmer weather.

“I ended up,” Gerald said, “In the best place.”

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