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How Long Does Adoption Take in South Carolina? How Long Does Adoption Take in South Carolina?How long does adoption take in South Carolina?  The answer to this question usually depends on the type of adoption you are seeking. The three main types of adoptions are domestic infant adoptions, international infant adoptions, and foster care adoptions. Read on as we examine these three adoptions. We’ll look…
5 Important Things to Bring to a Divorce Consultation 5 Important Things to Bring to a Divorce ConsultationNearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Perhaps one of the ways you can view this shocking statistic is that if you’re going through a divorce yourself, you are not alone in your experience! Still, knowing that you are not a trailblazer does not make the process any more comfortable for most,…
Does a Criminal Record Affect Child Custody? Does a Criminal Record Affect Child Custody?Marriage is (almost) always a highly celebrated event. However, for between 40 and 50% of all couples that tie the knot, a challenging (and usually less celebrated) divorce is in the cards. Divorces are often messy.  And, of course, having children complicates them in many ways.  One complication that many people don’t think of…