5 Things You Should Know About Child Support Modifications

  Why you and your spouse got a divorce, you had a child support plan put in place. Life went on, but for whatever reason, now you need to modify that plan. Before you start trying to figure this out on your own, here are five essential things you should know about child support modifications in South Carolina   Reasons for Child Support Modifications You can always ask for child support Read More

When A Custody Modification is Necessary to Your Parenting Plan

    If you have a parenting plan set up for your child, you should know when a custody modification is necessary. There are three main reasons that you might want to request custody modifications.   Reason 1: The Fitness/Unfitness of Parent If you believe the other parent is not a fit parent, then you may be thinking about seeking a custody modification. This particular issue can be very Read More

4 Situations That Would Make You Need an Alimony Modification

  When you and your spouse got divorced, the court ordered one of you to pay alimony. Can your alimony be modified?  Changed? Not all types of alimony can be modified; only permanent periodic alimony and rehabilitative alimony can be modified. Here are four situations that could lead to an alimony modification.   Circumstances Have Changed If the recipient of the alimony remarries or registers as a Read More

What’s the Difference Between Legal Separation & Divorce?

  You and your spouse have decided that you no longer can live together, but you are unsure about the way forward. Legal separation?  Divorce?  You do not know what the difference is or how to do either. In this article, we briefly talk about each of them and help you better understand the way forward.   Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce There are three main differences between a legal Read More

How to Create a Parenting Plan Prior to Divorce

  If you and your spouse are going to file for divorce and you have children, one of the most important things to do first is to create a mutually agreeable parenting plan. You may be unsure of how to create a parenting plan prior to a divorce. This article will give you some guidance and resources to help.   What a Parenting Plan Is A parenting plan, in short, sets up how your children will be Read More

How Do You Choose a Divorce Lawyer?

  Getting divorced will likely be very emotional and stressful.  Even if you are only considering it, the stress of finding a good divorce lawyer to help and advise you can be daunting. Obviously, trust and discretion are important factors, but so are results.  How do you choose a divorce lawyer when there are so many choices?   Search Engines Being that this is the internet, after all, the best Read More

About a Hearing & My Facebook Page…

Earlier this week I had a court appearance, walked in without a clue that it was going to be on TV - the station was there for another case but decided to cover my hearing as well as it was about something that was very much in the news at the beginning of the summer. The hearing was short and sweet and went really well. A good day. That evening, I found the video on Myrtle Beach Online, and shared the link to Read More

But, Enough About Waterloo

Written with my friend and colleague, Jenny Bradley of Triangle Smart Divorce in Cary, North Carolina.  As family law attorneys, we're asked a lot about 'what sort of person don't we want as a client'. There's a few potential answers, of course, but one type of personality is almost always at the top of the list. You'll recognize it right away. Here's an example from history: We still talk about it today, it Read More

About Changes

We deal in change. Almost all of our clients come to us to effect a significant change in their lives – adoption, separation, divorce, and more. These changes are almost always positive – regardless of how it seems at the time. But changes like those we work on everyday necessitate other changes. The most important being a will. After we do our thing and your family has a new child, or you’re ready to get Read More

Speaking of Brad Pitt … and family law

A little over a week ago we published a blog piece about a great David Bowie song, Putting Out the Fire. We included a clip from Inglorious Basterds where it was used to memorable effect. Right away we posted it, something else hit us. Inglorious Basterds featured one of Brad Pitt’s best roles, Aldo Raine, the Jewish, hillbilly from Tennessee who hunts down Nazis – which he pronounces Noz -zis. Two things hit us. Read More