Our Paw-a-Legal Team

Meet our Paw-a-legal Team!


Sir Winfred Wiggles

Sir Winfred Wiggles is the biggest member of our Paw-a-legal team by far! Brana adopted the gentle Giant Schnauzer in 2022 after wanting one for quite some time. Little did she know quite how large he would grow! Despite his size, he loves to cuddle with his family and sisters at home, and be with his favorite people in the office, just as long as he isn’t being left out. He loves to play and chew on anything he can find and get his hands on. His favorite thing to do is take a ride in the Jeep, or try and steal a snack from anyone not paying attention.

dog-sitting-in-an-officeSir Ritchey

Meet Sir Ritchey, the lovable Golden Doodle who is always up for a game of fetch, or just a good cuddle in bed with a movie and snacks. Johana adopted him from just a puppy in 2022 and instantly fell in love from the moment she saw him. Sir Ritchey is a very affectionate dog who loves nothing more than spending time with his favorite people at home and in the office as well as playing with his brother and sister all night long. His favorite treats are pup cups from Starbucks and bacon!

dog-laying-on-a-window-seatMaster Snoop

Master Snoop is the newest member of our Paw-a-legal team. Master Snoop, the gentle and affectionate Golden Doodle who is very shy and timid at first, but soon warms up to anyone who is willing to give him a good scratch. Johana adopted him in 2023, soon after realizing that Sir Ritchey needed another playmate. Master Snoop and Sir Ritchey are from the same litter, even though their personalities couldn’t be more different at first. You will find Master Snoop right next to Johana at every chance he gets in the office, but loves playing with his brother and sister as soon as he gets home. His favorite treats are hotdogs and bacon!