Breaking Down Different Types of Adoption

There are many types of adoption available for parents and children. Choosing the one that fits your family is important. Let's look at some of the most common types of adoption.   Adoption Within the Family Step-Parent Adoption– Step-parent adoptions are one of the most common types of adoption.  When a parent gets remarried, their spouse can legally adopt the children.  The hardest part of this type of adoption is Read More

Seven Tips For Finding a Good Family Attorney In Myrtle Beach

  If you follow our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you may have seen our latest review.   "FINDING A GOOD FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY IS HARD, HARD AS HELL!" Finding a good family law attorney IS hard!  However, there are a few things you can look for to help you narrow down your choices in any search.    Write Down What You Need This might at first seem a little simplistic.  But, there is a good reason to Read More

Milestones for Re-Examining Parenting Plan

  When you got divorced, you and your spouse had a parenting plan set up for children. You may be wondering if that parenting plan can be modified. In this article, we will list milestones you should pay attention to for re-examining your parenting plan.   Changes in the Needs of Your Child If there have been changes in the needs of your child since your original parenting plan was established, then Read More

Amicable Divorces: 6 More Tips for Supporting Your Family Through Divorce

  You do not think you are ever going to get a divorce when you get married.  Unfortunately, the reality is that 40-50% of couples in the United States do get divorced!  Many of these couples have children that can be negatively impacted by the process.  How can you support your family through a divorce?  Last month we wrote 10 Tips for Supporting Your Family Through Divorce.  It was so popular, we Read More

Creating a Parenting Plan for a New Baby

  If you are an unmarried, separated couple expecting a new baby, you may have some concerns involving a parenting plan. Concerns might be who is going to have primary custody of the baby or how often is the non-custodial parent going to see the baby. All of this can be worked through and figured out by establishing a parenting plan.   About Your Parenting Plan A parenting plan is an agreement set up Read More

10 Tips for Supporting Your Family Through Divorce

  Divorces are a challenge for all families.  Even if the circumstances are amicable and both parents are supportive, there will be challenging circumstances surrounding the divorce for years to come.   As you and your co-parent now figure out how to raise your children, separately, here are some tips you might consider for supporting your family during (and after) this transition.      Use Read More

Modifying a Custody Order in South Carolina, How & When Can You Do It?

  You or your ex already has custody of your child or children.  How do you modify this?  What are appropriate circumstances that would enable you to modify a custody order in South Carolina?   Here's your answer.     The Basics Of Modification Before we get into the potential circumstances that might enable you to be successful in seeking to modify a custody order, we should cover the three items that Read More

5 Things You Should Know About Child Support Modifications

  Why you and your spouse got a divorce, you had a child support plan put in place. Life went on, but for whatever reason, now you need to modify that plan. Before you start trying to figure this out on your own, here are five essential things you should know about child support modifications in South Carolina   Reasons for Child Support Modifications You can always ask for child support Read More

When A Custody Modification is Necessary to Your Parenting Plan

    If you have a parenting plan set up for your child, you should know when a custody modification is necessary. There are three main reasons that you might want to request custody modifications.   Reason 1: The Fitness/Unfitness of Parent If you believe the other parent is not a fit parent, then you may be thinking about seeking a custody modification. This particular issue can be very Read More

4 Situations That Would Make You Need an Alimony Modification

  When you and your spouse got divorced, the court ordered one of you to pay alimony. Can your alimony be modified?  Changed? Not all types of alimony can be modified; only permanent periodic alimony and rehabilitative alimony can be modified. Here are four situations that could lead to an alimony modification.   Circumstances Have Changed If the recipient of the alimony remarries or registers as a Read More