Brana Williams

Attorney & Partner

Younger versions of Brana Williams never envisioned her doing this, and certainly not here.

She had other plans in bigger cities.

Yet, Williams can now lay claim to a successful career in the Myrtle Beach area that has set her apart. The Founder and Partner of Indigo Family Law has earned the trust of thousands with a commitment to clients, both professionally and personally.

“Here’s the deal – you’ll find out that I am what I am. This is who you get,” Williams said. “I think part of my obligation to our client is to be honest and straightforward. I have a duty to do that. They need to understand that part of what we do isn’t just from an analytical or legal point of view, but from a personal point of view.”

Williams’ views started on a sprawling farm off U.S. 701 halfway between Conway and Georgetown. There were acres of corn, tobacco and soy intermixed with some livestock, the family making the most of its available means.

Those views were then further crafted when she attended Pleasant Hill High School (which later merged with Choppee to form what is currently Carvers Bay High School in Georgetown County), then again at Francis Marion, where she earned a dual degree in Finance in Marketing.

Law School at the University of South Carolina introduced her to the law, as did her first job in the Anderson area for a small firm immediately after. Up until that point, Williams had always wanted to be in a large area, putting her analytical mind to work. She found that opportunity in a sales position that frequently led her to Charlotte.

In 1998, though, everything changed.

Williams’ father, Winfred, passed. It stemmed a yearning to return to the Grand Strand. And to the law.

In order to get closer to family and roots, she became an Assistant Solicitor in Horry and Georgetown Counties, prosecuting cases for the 15th Circuit. In 2001, she left to hang her own shingle at the Williams Law Firm, the precursor to Indigo Family Law.

Over the years, the name and location have changed, as have some of the faces in the offices. The methodology for dealing with clients, however, has remained the same.

“You’ve got to be be honest. You’ve got to be able to tell people the good, bad and the ugly. The client deserves to know what the real truth of the matter is,” Williams said. “Unfortunately in the law, there is very little black and white; most of it is grey. I tell people all the time if someone promises you something and they’re not wearing the black robe, you better run like a scalded dog. Because they don’t know, and they’re lying to you. We don’t do that.”

It’s why Williams is so open about her path through life. It all led her to this point, in a job she never thought she’d have in a place she never again thought she’d call home.


  • Certified Family Court Mediator
  • As a criminal defense lawyer; death penalty certified and has tried 2 death penalty cases
  • Memberships: SC Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, SC Women Lawyer Association
  • Prosecutor for almost 3 yrs. – Senior Assistant Solicitor, team leader, tried numerous felony cases, including drug trafficking, burglary, and armed robbery
  • DUI – trained and certified administrator for FSTs

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