Brana Williams


Brana WilliamsFounder & Partner

I started in criminal law. I was a prosecutor, then, and this might sound like a cliche (but it’s not), I went out on my own and became a defense attorney. I enjoyed it, still accepted a few cases, but something was missing. I realized what that was when my husband and I adopted my first two children. Adoption law was intricate, fascinating, and client intensive in a consultative way I had not experienced in my career to date. I work with people and families to do what’s best for my clients, especially the children. I try to work things out through mediation. On the few occasions that doesn’t work out, the skills I earned during my years in the criminal courts are invaluable, and I’m not afraid to use them when I have to.


  • Certified Family Court Mediator
  • As a criminal defense lawyer; death penalty certified and has tried 2 death penalty cases
  • Memberships: SC Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, SC Women Lawyer Association
  • Prosecutor for almost 3 yrs. – Senior Assistant Solicitor, team leader, tried numerous felony cases, including drug trafficking, burglary, and armed robbery
  • DUI – trained and certified administrator for FSTs

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