Chris Dunning

Client Concierge

He graduated from Horry-Georgetown Technical College with an Associate’s Degree in Public Service in the area of Legal Studies. He chose Legal Studies because of the movie “To Kill A Mockingbird”. The movie connected with him because of the fact that sometimes in life you may have to fight the fight that cannot be won. Chris found that he truly connected to that aspect and wanted to help others and make a difference, even if it was only just for one person or family. The timing of the movie was perfect because Chris was a member of the first graduating class of HGTC’s Legal Studies program.

Once Chris had the background in Legal Studies, the question became where was he going to use his knowledge to best help others? Before coming to work with Indigo Family Law he worked with the Horry County Clerk of Court Office for close to eighteen years and has gained various experiences with his years working in the Family Court system. During his time at the Clerk of Court Chris gained more knowledge of Family Court and wanted to find his perfect fit where his skills and knowledge would be best served. Chris had known Brana and Ryan for years before coming to Indigo Family Law because of his work in the Clerk of Court. When asked what made him finally make the leap over to join the team he said, “the reputation of Indigo Family Law was so that I felt that I would fit in well with the firm as I have a genuine desire to help people”. It has been the family dynamic that has kept him with the firm.

“When I first started working with Ryan as his paralegal in 2006, Ryan and I were both ‘green’ to the family court process.  If I needed assistance with something at the courthouse for a case, I knew that I could call or email Chris for help or he could direct me in the right direction.  He was very prompt in responding to questions I would have or with providing back to us hearing notices when he was the Family Court Scheduling Clerk.  If Ryan needed help at the courthouse for a case, he also knew that he could go to Chris and ask him for assistance.” – Cindy

In his spare time Chris enjoys exploring new places with his family. You can often find him exploring the State Parks with his camera in hand waiting to get that perfect shot. During his time in school Chris took a few photography classes that have really stuck with him and have given him even more of a reason to get out and find new places.

Chris finds there is one quote in particular that keeps him going throughout the day and that is “Sometimes, we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strength.” – Unknown

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