Why Is Adoption so Expensive?

Over 135,000 children are adopted in America every year.

Couples decide to adopt for many different reasons. They may not be able to have children on their own, or they want to help a child in need. Whatever the reason, prospective parents need to know the cost of adoption.

You may research the process and ask yourself: “why is adoption so expensive?”

There are several factors that make adoption a pricey endeavor. Here’s your guide to why it costs so much money.

Why is Adoption so Expensive?

While adoption costs vary from couple to couple, it’s considered a costly process. Laws also vary from state to state. South Carolina has a separate legal code for adoptive parents that may impact cost.

Total fees may range from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on your personal circumstances. This will be based on certain services and legal expenses.

Hiring help for adopting is always a recommended first step. A lawyer will help you understand future costs and types of adoption.

Parents may adopt an infant or an older child. They may choose an open or closed adoption. These factors will all influence the cost of the process.

Here are the main reasons why adoption is expensive.

International vs. Domestic Adoption

Expenses will be heavily influenced by your decision to adopt a child from a domestic or international agency. In general, an international adoption will cost you more. This is because of government and travel fees.

For international adoptions, different fees arise depending on the specific circumstances. Traveling and working with an international adoption agency are some examples. Obtaining U.S. and foreign documentation is also a costly process.

While domestic adoption may be less expensive, there are still a series of fees to consider.

Birth Mother Expenses

If you’re adopting an infant from a birth mother, there will be various fees involved. Expenses vary from state to state.

In general, birth mothers require financial assistance to have their baby. These will include legal, medical, and living expenses. Some birth mothers may also need counseling services following the adoption.

Adoption Agency Fees

An adoption agency helps parents with the process, which will factor into the cost. Hiring an agency of any kind will come with financial costs.

Working with an agency may require various overhead fees. These may include services such as advertising to find a birth mother. Classified ads or websites are some examples of agency marketing.

Legal Fees

Adopting is a legal process which means there are various government and legal fees that add up. An adoption attorney is one expense you can expect. Other forms of documentation, contracts, and court costs are also some potential fees.

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The answer to “why is adoption so expensive?” is no simple matter. As you can see, many factors determine the cost of adopting a child. But this basic outline will give you a sense of where your money is going.

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