Child Custody

Putting Your Children First | Experienced Legal Help for Custody Issues

Children are the greatest responsibility, and the greatest joy, of our lives. When parents can’t be together, it is necessary to plan who will have what responsibilities at what times. This is a complex and emotional process, but when both parents put the interests of the children first, it can be accomplished.

Whether you and the other parent get along well or the relationship is very strained, or it’s somewhere in the middle, it is necessary to have an attorney to help work out all the details. Brana and her Indigo Family Law team have helped hundreds of people in South Carolina through all types of custody issues, and they are ready to help you too.

Custody Issues Can Come Up At Almost Any Time

  • Divorce or Separation – The most common time when parents need to make custody arrangements is during a divorce or separation. Creating an effective parenting plan at this time helps begin the transition process for both the children, and the parents.
  • Birth – When parents of a child are not a couple at the time of birth (or even before) it is necessary to work out the parenting plan to ensure the child is cared for and can bond with both parents.
  • Moving or Job Change – If one of the parents is moving out of town, or takes a job that has a significantly different schedule, it may be appropriate to create a new parenting plan. In many cases, the courts must approve a request for one parent to take the child with them in a move. Working through any custody issues ahead of time is essential in these situations.
  • Child Growing Up – The needs of a child will change as they grow older. A newborn, for example, will typically need to be with the mother most of the time. As the children grow, they have different needs both from their family, and with things like school. Several times throughout their childhood it will likely be necessary to update a custody agreement.

Doing What It Takes for Your Family

Whatever the cause of a custody situation, it is important to take it seriously and work with an attorney who will take the time to really understand your needs, and, if need be fight aggressively to accomplish your goals.

A member of the Indigo Family Law team will personally meet with you to discuss your family situation and how to best approach the case. To discuss your custody situation with a member of the Indigo Family Law team, please contact us to schedule a consultation.

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