Courtney D. Thomas

Legal Assistant

headshot of legal assistant courtney d. thomas

Courtney started her career path in the medical/healthcare field. She worked in various positions for 14 years before deciding she wanted to branch out and try something new. After some thought, she decided she wanted to try legal studies. It also helped make up her mind that her mother, and mother in law have been paralegals for over 30 years so being around the legal field, and even having worked at a law firm in highschool allowed her to be comfortable in the law office setting. “I have also felt like I had that ‘knack” for desk work, so to finally be able to do something I enjoy has been refreshing. Not to mention– there is not a single day that is alike. In the medical field, every day was basically the same. Being in family law, you hear and see so many different stories daily and it really makes coming to work fun and exciting.”

When asked what made her choose Indigo Family Law she said, “because why not? At Indigo you truly feel like family. The Indigo way is that we believe that family is what matters, and when you choose to work for a company that has that statement as their motto, who truly understands everyday life with being busy with family, work, extra curricular activities, sickness, etc and your still a very important part of the team, it is literally an all-encompassing, life-changing thing. I have never felt ‘more at home’ or happy as I have been since starting my new career with Indigo Family Law.”

In her spare time Courtney enjoys reading and crafting. She loves making all different types of wooden home decor and being able to sit back and know that she was the one who made it, and it didn’t come from a big box store, which she sees as truly rewarding.

She also enjoys spending her spare time watching her children, two girls and one boy, grow, and do what they love. Her middle daughter rides horses, so oftentimes her and her family can be found in the stands throughout Tennessee and North Carolina cheering her on. Her youngest is a part of a youth fishing team and when they aren’t at a barn, her family can be found on the water. Her oldest is now married and living her own adventurous life, but tries to spend as much time with them as possible.

She also enjoys working on home improvement projects with her husband, and snuggling their three dogs, and four cats.

Her favorite motivational quote would have to be one from Eleanor Roosevelt. ” The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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