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We Put the Family Back in Family Law

Family really is the most important thing. That is said so often that it can sometimes sound cliché, but that does not take away from the truth of it. Our team knows that every family law case we take on will have a dramatic impact on the lives of our clients, and their loved ones.

This is why the Indigo Family Law team works so hard, so thoroughly.

Brana and her team are experienced working on virtually every type of family legal situation from adoption to divorce, and everything in between.  Their experiences give them a unique perspective when planning legal strategies. That perspective goes a long way toward a positive result.

Areas of Family Law

Brana and her Indigo Family Law team can help you through virtually any type of family law case. Whether you’re thinking of filing for a divorce, or you’re in the middle of a heated custody dispute, they will tirelessly work with you to come up with the best plan of action for the best result.

Some of the key areas of family law that Brana and her Indigo Family Law team frequently help clients with:

Ready to Help You Fight for Your Family

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