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Brana Williams is the founding attorney of Indigo Family Law.  In 2001, Brana started in private practice using the old paradigm way.  She named her firm “Williams Law Firm”.  She worked diligently to build it into a successful practice handling divorces, criminal charges, wreck cases and wills for her clients.  In 2016, she began to believe there was a better way to do things, and, in 2017, she made a change.  The firm became Indigo Family Law and began to practice law a different way.  Brana did not want to be just a family lawyer, but wanted to be her client’s family lawyer – your family’s lawyer.  In 2019, attorney Ryan A. Stampfle joined Brana in her vision to run a different kind of law firm.

Family IS Everything That Matters

At Indigo Family Law, we understand and recognize that we, as people and parents, lead busy lives and time flies. We believe that family is what matters – but we rarely take the time or even want to think about what do we want for our family if we are not around.  Even if we have done a will designating who we want to look after our children (and many of us have not), we have not taken the time to develop a legacy for our children.  We have not put together a plan designed to pass along our values, our hopes, our dreams for our children.  We believe that every child deserves to have a priceless conversation with their parent.

This is not your typical old-timey law firm.  We like to buck the system and do things in a different way.  “How are ya’ll different?” you might ask. Let me tell you –

How We’re Different, And Why It Matters!

Typical Unknown Outcomes: Clients Charged With Crimes

How We’re Different:

When a client is charged with a crime, he must defend himself in a system that, while it is one of the best in the world, is still VERY flawed.  Our clients were at the mercy of the particular prosecutor assigned to their case, the attitudes of the police officers, and the particular judge they appear in front of, not to mention facts that have already happened and are what they are.  It is the same in a custody case.  There are no certainties – only vague parameters.  Even though Brana & Ryan had hundreds of clients that were very satisfied clients, neither of them liked not knowing what was really going to happen.

Why it Matters:

Clients now know what they are purchasing and what it will do for them.  They do not have to “hope” or “guess” what the outcome will be.  From the very beginning, we discuss your hopes and your needs and then focus on developing a plan that fits into your life.  There is no guesswork.

Typical Unknown Outcomes: Hourly Billing

How We’re Different:

Hourly Billing:  Brana grew up on a farm but not one that grew money trees.  Ryan grew up with working classparents.  They both learned early that money is not free and you get what you pay for.  Having to tell people that they only could guess at a range for how much their divorce or custody fight might cost just seemed wrong but, in divorce court, there really is no other choice.  In estate law, the prices vary, depending on the difficulty of the estate.

Why it Matters:

Flat rates that do not surprise for legacy plans – they are agreed to in advance.  You get to decide what you want and the fee you want to pay.  There are no surprises.  The fee is not based on the number and length of the documents but on the plan you decide is the best for you.

  1. Positive, Real Relationship not Negative Crisis Mode: “Kill all the Lawyers!”  Why? Everybody knows it is because nobody wants to need a lawyer.  Clients normally call a lawyer because their life is turned upside down – either they have been arrested, they are getting a divorce or some else bad has happened.  They want the terrible time over and done with as soon as possible and that means be done with the lawyer (stop the bleeding – back our #2 fix – no hourly billing) as soon as possible.

FIX:     It is this fix that Brana and Ryan are most excited about.  This fix is what is most different about the way things are done at Indigo Family Law.  We create a personal relationship with each of our clients that starts with their plan and continues – it doesn’t end when the case ends.  We include in every plan, at no additional charge, a free review every three (3) years.  And, we have levels of membership that almost all of our clients participate in that provides you with different levels of ongoing legal guidance.

These are only 3 of the ways Indigo Family Law does it different.  We are so excited to be family focused and relationship driven.  We want to create a plan with each and every one of our clients that encompasses their vision and their dreams for their family.  We want to make calling a lawyer not some dreaded phone call but a call that you know will be answered by a team glad that you called and happy to help.  We want to help our clients start to create their famly’s legacy that will be full of care and love.

On a personal note, Brana and her husband Jim have six (6) adopted children, along with 2 from Jim’s prior marriage.  She tells that she had an epiphany one day while she was driving from an exhausting, long trial.  What if she were to wreck and the unthinkable happened?  What if something happened to Jim?  She and Jim had done their will after Zeb was born – 13 years and 5 children ago!!!  How upset would they be to be “after born” children?  Who would know about the 4 children’s Texas college benefit?  Brana knew this could really happen as she has already lot her oldest brother when she was 12 to a drunk driver, her father to a heart attack at age 63, her second brother to alcohol and her mother to a car accident.  Things happen in the blink of any eye.

Now you know why this matters to the owners of Indigo Family Law.