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We are all unique. Your childhood experiences were different than your best friend, your job duties are different, your family situations are different, and so on. It turns out we aren’t all the same, that’s why estate planning is an individualized process and can’t be accomplished with the standardized DIY tools found on the internet.

You may be single, married, have children or not. The one common denominator is that you truly and deeply care about the people in your life and you want to make things as easy as possible for them, if and when something happens to you.

Your wealth isn’t measured just by the dollars in the bank, but by the well-being of the people you love.

Legacy & Estate Planning Services

To read up on the specifics of estate law based on your situation,

Brana’s Story!

Brana and her husband Jim have six (6) adopted children, along with 2 from Jim’s prior marriage.

She tells that she had an epiphany one (1) day while she was driving from an exhausting, long trial.  What if she were to wreck and the unthinkable happened?  What if something happened to Jim?

She and Jim had done their will after Zeb was born – 13 years and 5 children ago!!!  How upset would they be to be “after born” children?  Who would know about the 4 children’s Texas college benefit?

Brana knew this could really happen as she has already lot her oldest brother when she was 12 to a drunk driver, her father to a heart attack at age 63, her second brother to alcohol and her mother to a car accident.

Things Happen in the Blink of an Eye!

This is why Brana re-dedicated her practice to the idea of creating legacy plans for families like yours. Indigo Family Law, leans very strong on the FAMILY part of our title. We support your family through all areas of life, and death.

Wills, Trusts, Estate Issues, Probate, Advanced Directives, Powers of Attorney and more. Whatever your family needs to get prepared and be safe, we’re here to help.

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