Standing by Your Side Throughout Your Divorce or Separation

Going through a divorce or separation is often described as one of the most difficult life events,  possibly second only to the death of a loved one. Even when someone is positively sure divorce is the right – perhaps only – option, the process will still be stressful and emotional. It’s just human nature.

And, the process doesn’t really end with the final divorce decree, there are many changes after a divorce that families need to adapt to as they start over.

Legal Separation

In the majority of cases, couples will become legally separated prior to getting a divorce. Separation does not, however, mean that you are automatically going to move forward with a divorce. In some situations, couples are able to better work out their issues when they have a little space.

Regardless, handling a legal separation properly is extremely important. Many issues have to be addressed – child custody, support payments, who lives in the house, much more. An experienced attorney at this stage can help to ensure everything is done correctly.


Divorce is a fairly generic term for a process that can vary greatly from couple to couple. In some cases, the couple works together, often with the help of a mediator, to agree on a division of assets, child custody, and other issues. In other situations, it is necessary to litigate the case in front of a judge. Some divorces fall somewhere between the two where some things are mutually agreed, and others need to be addressed in the court.

No matter how amicable or contentious your relationship may be, having an attorney who can provide you with legal advice, help you with the paperwork, and when necessary, fight aggressively for your rights, is essential. It is never too early to talk with an attorney about divorce to come up with an effective strategy based on your needs and wants.

Personalized Strategies

One of the most important things a divorce attorney can do when taking on a case is spending time with the client. Unlike large ‘divorce mill’ firms that offer a ‘one size fits all’ style of representation, Indigo Family Law takes the time to truly understand the needs of every client. Based on your needs, Brana and her Family Law team will craft a unique strategy to reach your goals.

That may mean employing mediation to come to an agreement or fighting aggressively in court, or some combination of the two. The important thing to note here is that Brana and her Indigo Family Law team puts the client’s interest first.

The direction of your case will always be decided by you.

It’s Never Too Early to Seek Legal Help

Whether you are in a position where you want to move forward with your divorce as quickly as possible, or you’re not yet sure you even want to go through with a divorce, now is the time to contact us. Brana can meet with you to discuss your unique situation, provide legal advice, and work with you to come up with the best strategy for moving forward.

Indigo Family Law is Here To Help You With Your Divorce or Separation! 

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