Divorce Advice During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Peace of mind is difficult to attain during major crisis situations.

The near-full school, business and court lockdowns associated with the coronavirus and COVID-19 spread are no different. For someone who has made the decision to file for a divorce during this troubling time but yet to begin the process, multiply the raw emotions exponentially.

If you or someone you know has elected to end a marriage, Indigo Family Law can provide key advice and that peace of mind now.

Even though the courts are mostly closed and unavailable to hear cases during the shutdown due to a judicial order from the South Carolina Supreme Court, the initial meetings and planning stages don’t have to wait. The road to resolution can begin.

With a simple phone call, the timeline is no longer on hold.

What are you looking for? What do you need in terms of alimony or child support? How will the co-parenting schedule look?

These are all questions that a simple consultation meeting can answer.

That advice from Indigo Family Law also comes with an added benefit. When the courts open fully again, they are likely have full dockets waiting. Making sure the case is ready when the next slots become available could be the difference in fewer days, weeks and even months of wait time.

With professional downtime at a low, Indigo Family Law can help those spinning wheels turn with a more fluid purpose. This confusing period can turn into a positive. Having the difficult but necessary conversations doesn’t have to wait.