Seven Tips For Finding a Good Family Attorney In Myrtle Beach

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Finding a good family law attorney IS hard! 

However, there are a few things you can look for to help you narrow down your choices in any search. 

Write Down What You Need

This might at first seem a little simplistic.  But, there is a good reason to be a bit regimented about reaching out to law firms and attorneys in particular.  You want to compare apples to apples, but you also what to make sure that for every person you speak with you are clear about your “ask.”

What is it that you need?   Divorce, Adoption, Mediation, Parenting Plan, Something Else?

What do you want?   Representation, Document Review, Advice?

How soon do you need help?  Today, 2 Weeks, 1 Year…you get the idea.

Ask Who Else Is In The Office

In most firms, the attorneys are not doing the entire workload of developing your case.  They often have skilled paralegals and other support staff in-house.  Your relationship with a Family Law Firm should take into consideration your ability to connect with that support staff.  Ask any prospective family law firm, “is there someone assigned to my case?” And, “can I/you talk to them too?”

The point here is to evaluate the entire firm, in addition to the attorney.

Look For Reviews & Testimonials

Look at the Family Law Firm’s website.  Take a look at Google.  Look at Yelp & Avvo!  How are they doing for their previous clients?  Are they leaving glowing reviews? Or are they someone you should run from?  In the biggest overstatement of all time, not all lawyers and law firms are overly friendly!

Check Out Their Blog

How dedicated are they to making sure YOU know what’s going on?   If they don’t spend the time to educate you on your case or claims, will they spend the effort to do so for a judge?  One of the best ways to tell if your lawyer is “for real,” is to read their blog.  You should be able to find it on their main page, and it should provide you with good information about a variety of issues surrounding your situation.

If they don’t have a blog, you are going to have to find the answers from their competitors…who certainly will.  Wouldn’t that be awkward?

Look at Their Social Media Too!

You can get to know the personality of a Family Law firm simply by watching their interactions on social media.  Take a look at their Facebook page.  Do they respond promptly to questions?  Are they actively answering the tough questions? Are there any reviews?

It’s a new world!  As important as the website and blog are for a law firm, being able to use, understand, and communicate using social media may even be more critical.

We could take this one step further and throw out a hypothetical.   Is some aspect of Social Media responsible for your divorce, or other family law needs?  You shouldn’t have to explain how social media works to anyone just to demonstrate your reasonings.

Create A List of Questions

If we circle back to the first tip, we said to write down what you need.  Don’t forget to start building a list of questions.  Think about what you want to know and what you need to know.  For instance, how much will all this cost you by the end?

If you are at a loss for questions to ask, take our advice from earlier and read their blog (if they have one).  After an article or two, you’ll no doubt have a lot of informed and focused questions to ask.

Fill Out A Contact Form, Or Call

People are not always great at getting back to you.  Obviously, or perhaps not so obvious, a phone call is what they’re hoping you’ll use to contact them.  However, the contact form is a great equalizer.  Fill it out, see if they get back to you!  In fact, fill out a couple and see how the response is

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